Finishing accessories

Range of finishing accessories

The DAL'ALU range of aluminium gutters and rainwater downpipes is compatible with numerous finishing accessories that complete your installation in an efficient and aesthetic way.

now offers you water butts to collect rainwater from roofs including planted terraces. They are compatible with all types of rainwater downpipes in the DAL'ALU range and exist in 4 standard formats in all shades of the colour-chart.


New! If you want to save rainwater, DAL'ALU offers you a new range of water Collectors to connect to your installation.


A new range of sleeves allows the bottom of DAL'ALU downpipes to be elegantly and smoothly connected to stormwater inspection pits.


     Leaf guards protect your installation from leaves that can
     obstruct water flow.


Made of thick lacquered extruded aluminium, the Dauphins range efficiently protects downpipes from impact while respecting the aesthetics of your construction.


Numerous finish accessories allow you to enhance the various ranges of aluminium gutters and downpipes.